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FAO Everyone: The YPGTTO Kingdom Of Sound Speed Paint Challenge Still Needs You!

The Horn District / Eva Pinnington

On Friday, I presented a selection of your speed paints to our guests from the Orchestra Network for Europe - and your creative visions for our 'Kingdom of Sound' animation project were met with unbridled enthusiasm!  I was also able to tell them that the Speed Paint Challenge was still live, so we could expect many more Britten-inspired visions in the coming weeks.  A number of you have expressed the intention to participate in the YPGTTO Speed Paint Challenge when things have quietened down a bit post-hand-in.  I'm confirming here that the Kingdom Of Sound project remains live, so I'm actively encouraging you to participate at your convenience.  The next stage of the project - where we seek to derive a storyboard for the 16 minute animation - will begin in late May, by which time we hope we'll have many more completed speed paints from which to divine our definitive art direction.

For your convenience then, all fifteen challenges listed here. Those challenges marked with an asterisk have no entries yet, so I'm hoping some of you might start at #15 and work backwards! Thanks in advance - and thanks too to all those who have already taken part.  It's always exciting working with you in this way (and the Orchestra Network for Europe agrees!).

The Double Bass District / Eva Pinnington

The Horn District / Vlad Yankov


  1. Magic. I was waiting for things to die down before I attempted these :)


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