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FAO CAA Yr 2: Butch Auntie Internships - Apply Now!

Reminder: there are 8 internships with Butch Auntie up for grabs.  If you want to be considered for an internship, this is what you need to do: send your blog url to company director Pete Wallace at by no later than April 25th.

Don't underestimate the significance of work experience in terms of your respective CVs.  This is a great opportunity and you should absolutely put yourself forward. 

Once Pete has chosen his 8 interns, he will call you in for an interview and further discussion of your respective creative strengths. These interviews will take place at UCA in the CAA Baseroom at 2pm on Friday 29th April - the day after your Adaptation crit, and a few hours after your Critical Perspectives hand-in. Busy times!