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FAO: CAA First Year. Maya Tutorials

With the year nearly over I thought I would post up a reminder regarding the Maya tutorials that need to be completed. All the videos in the sections below should have evidence of their completion submitted to your blogs. The posts should all have a label of "MayaTutorials" or something similar.

Intro to Maya 2016
Modelling 1:Digital Sets
Lighting & Rendering 1
Texturing & Shading 1
Animation 1
Intro to Pre-Viz
Rigging & Skinning
Modelling 2: HS & Organic

I will start reviewing them on Tuesday so that gives you a long weekend to catch up on the few that you may have missed. Don't forget to double check, tick them off and label them as I would hate to miss some.

Spread the word.

Best of luck for tomorrow,



  1. I need a list like this for the second year ones ;u; But good luck to all 1st years tomorrow and for this deadline :3

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