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FAO Everyone: Interview Subjects Required For Research Project On The Subject Of 'Failure'

Tony Reeves, Programme Manager in Digital Pedagogy at UCA is looking for current students and alumni to participate in his latest research project, which is seeking to investigate student attitudes to the idea of failure and how it might relate to ideas about teaching, learning and the student experience of a course and its community.  Is failure always a bad thing?  Is failure important?  Can failure be useful?

Tony is looking for 15 participants who'd be willing to take part in a telephone interview.  You'd be answering some questions and basically having a chat.   If you're interested in taking part, email Tony at

Tony and I have worked together previously on research projects associated with CAA and its community - and for those of you who pitched on Monday for Fantastic Voyage, you've already met him, so do get in touch.


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