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FAO CAA Yr 1: Important! Timetable Corrections & Changes

It came to my attention today that your Term 2 timetable had a number of mistakes on it - my fault entirely!  Your Wednesday sessions from week 11 onwards were down as life-drawing with Vicky, when they're actually Photoshop classes with Jordan, and your Contextual Studies assignment hand-in was incorrect too!  I'm sorry if I've confused anyone re. the essay hand-in during any previous discussions, but the date was changed and no one informed me otherwise.

Please note: Contextual Studies Hand-in is Monday 11th April @ Campus Registry 11am - 12noon

See below - your corrected timetable.  I've also replaced the incorrect timetable with this revision on myUCA.  Delete your old versions and refer to this version in future.  Many thanks - and apologies for any confusion!  

Could you please use your social networks to ensure that everyone has seen this notification. Much appreciated.