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FAO CAA Year 2: Prepping for Sculpting (Updated)

 Sculpting Prep: Images

During the sculpting class we will be sculpting a bust of a character of your choice. In order to do that you will need reference images. You should create/find as many images as possible ranging from orthographic (front / side) to three quarter angled views. To make these useful please print out your reference images at the right (approximate) scale - shown above. Please don't bring your images on a laptop, phone, or other electronic devices). Remember this is sculpting and therefore messy. I'd also recommend printing out the most useful of your images twice, for example orthographic drawings. It is likely you will either mark or destroy one set as part of the sculpting process.

Note: Its helpful to roughly guess the size of your characters eyes prior to starting (see image).

Choosing a character

Please consider your choice of character carefully. Each will come with their own unique challenges. A realistic character will or course mean focusing on details whilst a cartoon character means keeping your model smooth with clean lines (difficult to do on a large scale). However, I'd recommend choosing something more realistic in design (monster/ alien through to human) when starting sculpting for the first time. If you need any feedback or an OK on your choice upload a image(s) to your blogs with an @Alan title.

Note: In the example above the drawing is non-specific in terms of details. For example there is only the suggestion of a nose. Therefore a specific drawing of the nose would be needed. Try to find/ make images that cover 'all questions' for modelling.