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FAO CAA Yr 1 & 2 : Film Extras - Your Presence Is Required / Tuesday @ 11.30am / Lecture Theatre 1

This is a reminder for Year 1 and Year 2:  there's a film shoot taking place in Lecture Theatre 1 on Tuesday, and the director asked me if I thought I could round up at least 20 students to populate the lecture theatre as extras... Knowing what a nice bunch of people you are, keen to help out other creatives, I said "yes!" on your behalf.  You won't have to do much - just sit in the lecture theatre as per normal, take a bit of direction from the film-makers as and when required - and look bored... Not exactly Method-acting for some of you! ;)

They want us to gather in the refectory at 11.20am on Tuesday morning.  Like I said - they need at least 20 extras, but I'm hoping we can do a little better than that!  See you there!


  1. THANKS SO MUCH for helping our students out! CAA Rock! Simon of TVPRODUCTION


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