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FAO CAA Yr 1 & 2: The 2016 Internal Student Survey Has Launched!

Today is launch day for the Internal Student Survey 2016.  The short version is that the ISS is the opportunity for year 1 and 2 students to feedback to the University about their experience at UCA so far.  Your feedback is valued very highly by the University.

Your individual log-in, password, and web-link for the survey has been emailed to your Ucreative account. You'll need your student number. This is found on your ID card.  

You can access the survey here.

Okay - so what does the survey entail? 27 core questions relating to the following aspects of the student learning experience:
  • Teaching on my Course
  • Assessment and Feedback (i.e. blogs/tutorials/crits/proformas)
  • Academic Support 
  • Organisation and Management 
  • Learning Resources 
  • Personal Development (i.e. core skills/greater confidence presenting etc).
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Students' Union
There are six response options to each question:
  1. Definitely Agree 
  2. Mostly Agree 
  3. Neither Agree nor Disagree* 
  4. Mostly Disagree 
  5. Definitely Disagree 
  6. Not applicable 
*Please be aware that  ‘Neither Agree nor Disagree’ is not a neutral response. When the data is summarised only the responses ‘Agree’ or ‘Mostly Agree’ are positive, the other three responses - including 'Neither agree or disagree' - are recorded as negative responses.

The survey doesn't take long, but it is important that you consider your responses carefully. It may feel like just another box-ticking exercise - but it isn't. The ISS survey is crucial to our understanding of what you think about us, and UCA more broadly. You're telling us about the things we're doing well and where stuff needs improving. You're highlighting the weaknesses and safe-guarding the good bits. You can help your course team make things better. Your feedback is used to improve the experience for future students, so be honest, but be constructive. Your views on what we do become part of formal monitoring processes within the University, which promotes discussion and debate. In short - data derived from the ISS - from you - is taken very seriously!  Rest assured, the findings of the survey are anonymous!

If, when you've completed the survey, could you leave a 'Done it' comment on this post that would be helpful, as it means I can stop badgering you!  Much appreciated.

If you have any queries regarding the ISS - for example, should you experience difficulty logging in or accessing the survey, please email

Many thanks!


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    1. Hi Manisha - email and enquire.

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    1. Hi Tom - email and enquire.

  3. Weird .. I have done it days ago and did put my comment up but doesn't seem to be showing on here

  4. Sorry it took a while! Had issues with the login, done now :)


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