Saturday, January 09, 2016

Tombola of Dreams 2015 (actually 2016!)

Our very crowded prize table, creaking under the weight of that giant Cintiq!

So, the belated Computer Animation Arts Tombola of Dreams '2015' has offered up its delights once more!  Congratulations to all our winners - and commiserations to those who were unlucky this time.  You've managed to raise a whopping £1550, and that's an extraordinary achievement, so well done, and thanks to everyone for taking part.  Thanks too to everyone who donated prizes and who continue to support our efforts to launch our graduates at New Designers.  Until the next time!

The tension builds...

And so it begins as the tombola turns...

Don't eat it all at once, Kyle...

A 1 KG chocolate santa!  (I hope the winner isn't diabetic...)


Wow, solid chocolate Christmas puddings! (I hope the winner isn't allergic to chocolate...)


Jack can't believe his luck! A tub of beef gelatine!  This is the stuff of which dreams are made!

Sam Cannon - proud owner of his very own unicorn night-light! 

Congratulations to CAA Yr 1 student, Hannah, who is now the proud owner of a brand new 22HD Cintiq!

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  1. CAA team, you're bloody amazing for making this happen! X