Thursday, January 21, 2016

FAO Year 3: Dissertation Hand-in / IMPORTANT / Please Read & Circulate

As the hand-in for your dissertation quickly approaches, a reminder as to what you need to submit - and when:

Hand-in two copies, bound separately.
11.00 am-12.00 noon to the Campus Registry, Ground floor* 

You must also submit an electronic copy of your dissertation as one document to Turnitin, by the deadline. This is available through myUCA, under ‘Assessment’ in the relevant unit area.

Important: the 12 noon deadline is a big brick wall.  Do not think of it otherwise. Natalie Holmes, Campus Registry Officer, will not - and can not accept any submissions after this time.  If you are late submitting your dissertation, it will be recorded as a non-submission.  There will be nothing you or I can do to change this eventuality.  Please ensure that you and everyone else understand the seriousness of this deadline.  You can hand in earlier than 11am, but you cannot hand in later than 12 noon.  To re-state: any dissertations submitted after the 12 noon deadline (and we're talking one minute after), will not be accepted by Campus Registry and you will fail the unit.

Best of luck for the final push.  Remember to proof-read.  Remember to paginate.  Remember to present your dissertation with 1.5 line spacing.  Check your referencing.  Ensure you've presented everything as stipulated. Onwards!

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