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FAO CAA Yr 1: WIM Proformas @ Your Ucreative Accounts

Surprise!  Your WIM proformas are at your ucreative accounts as of now.  A bit earlier than I said, but I figured you'd been patient enough!  My main concern now is getting you all ship-shape and in the zone for the three summative assessments coming your way soon: Storytelling & Commission, CG Artist's Toolkit and Contextual Studies.  Term 2 is hugely important for you.  Don't underestimate how important.  If you've been bollocked because your WIM submission was missing stuff, take the bollocking seriously - meeting the brief matters, don't let anyone convince you differently.  Read your feedback, then read it again. Take time to reflect on what's been said.  Many of you have been told to re-boot your respective blogs - no more generic templates please or unlovely formatting. It's time to dial up the professionalism.

If you haven't received your feedback, drop me an email and I'll investigate, and thank you again for being so patient.