Monday, January 11, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 1 / Group A & B Reshuffle!

In light of the various student 'exits', your year group is smaller than it was when term began.  It's time then to look again at the A/B groups and rebalance them accordingly.  See below - for most of you it means no change, but for some of you it may entail a switch to your current routines.  It's important to adhere to the changes set out below, because size and consistency of groupings has an impact on teaching, planning and resources.  If you could ensure everyone is aware of these changes, I'd appreciate it.  Many thanks.

Group A

Aureo, Sam A, Krissy, Mark, Dee, Joe, Almu, Katie, Manisha, Danni, Ian, Danielle, Sarah, Pip, Sam Johnson, Brad

Group B

Hannah, Mike, Dinesh, Sky, Tom M, Kyle, Lewis, Beckie R, Jack, Douy, Tom S, Eleanor, Becky S, Zoe, Tom W, Ben

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