Sunday, November 15, 2015

CAA Design : Getting Your References

I can see the Year 2s are busy with their character project which got me thinking about my struggles during the project with posing my characters.

When posing characters the best reference to use is yourself. It was only at the end of my second year I actually took my tutors advice and took photographs of myself posing as my character, as no one knows your character better than you do.

But of course there comes a time when you can't use yourself  as a reference as your character has more limbs than you or is a much greater/younger age this is when you need the right pose... As animators we know all the different types of curves (S.C and reverse) that an 'effective pose' possesses so search for the right stock and dynamic pose and don't settle for a standing pose.

Below are some stocks I use when I can't use myself for posing (yes they're from DeviantArt *gasps*)

- Senshi Stock : Mostly female with male poses, good for action and weapons wielding and perspective.

- Faestock : Woman only stock, good for clothing and hair, lots of women in capes and witchy hoods

- Skydancer-Stock : Larger and older men and women including wizards and mystics.

Some people will not use a reference because their character doesnt look like the model in the photo, its a reference not an image to copy from so use what you can and add to it :)

I have still not found a collection of stock that is male and useful, most are very polished and 'fashion' posed with 'blue steel' eyes so if anyone knows any male stocks that are useful please feel free to share.

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