Friday, October 23, 2015

FAO Year 2: Narrative & Character OGR 6th Nov & 16th Nov

Narrative (Group) Project
OGR: Online Green Light Review
Friday 6th Nov by 8pm

Preproduction Work
On your group blog:

1) A finished script.
2) Completed Storyboard & Animatic.
3) Completed character designs (including orthographic drawings for modelling)
4) Completed Environment Designs.
5) Any other relevant project work specific to your project (such as editing examples).
6) A graphically designed & branded group blog.

Note: Please make sure any work which has been carried out by you (individually) is also added to your personal blog.

Character Design Project
OGR: Online Green Light Review
Monday 16th Nov by 9am

Preproduction Work
On your personal blog:

1) A written outline of your game idea based upon your three cards.
2) An written statement/ outline of what the outcome of your project will be (what you will be designing and submitting at the end of the project.
3) Design exporations of your three characters demonstrating an understanding of their roles/ function in your game*.
4) Any other current exploration design work relating to the game, such as environments, play mechanics, or props.

* These characters don't need to be finished at this stage of project but should demonstrate a clear design direction and be representative of progress made during the previous weeks.

Note: Week 9 (starting on Monday 16th Nov) is Character week with classes on Tuesday and Thursday with Justin - Be ready.

Good Luck.

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