Sunday, October 18, 2015

FAO CAA Yr 2: Critical Perspectives Has A New Slot: 2pm / Lecture Theatre One

As promised, I've arranged for your Critical Perspectives lectures and film screenings to take place in Lecture Theatre One for the remainder of the unit.  Your lectures will begin at 2pm, with the film screenings to follow.

This means you now have the option to attend the morning life-drawing session with Vicky Fountas in the Project Space @ 10am.   Space is limited obviously, and we expect you to a) not be a disruptive influence on the first year experience and b) to assist Vicky as and where necessary.

I've updated your timetables accordingly.  Go to myUCA, go to the Critical Perspectives unit - you'll find your new timetable there ready to download - be sure to delete the old versions - and help me spread the word via your Facebook page.  Many thanks.

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