Thursday, October 01, 2015

FAO CAA Yr 1: CG Artist's Toolkit / Animation Friday - Bring Your Graphics Tablet

Just a few reminders prior to your first Animation class with Meg Bisineer tomorrow.  I've included the brief here for your convenience, which you'll find on myUCA > CG Artist's Toolkit > Project Briefs.  Be sure too to check out all the accompanying resources for this unit on myUCA.

Meg will be introducing you to Flash, as part of your first session, so do please bring your graphic tablets if you them.   We'll supply tablets as per your Photoshop Monday classes.  (For your info, you can always borrow the UCA tablets from the Central Store on the 7th floor of the building).

The other thing to be aware of tomorrow is the staggered start times for the classes, and how the groups work: it's all on your timetable, but your reference, this is how things shape up:

@ 10am / Baseroom / Group 1

Aureo, Sam A, Kristina, Mark, Deanna, Joe, Almu, Katie, Manisha, Danni

@ 10.30am / The Blue Room / Group 2

Ian, Danielle, Sarah, Pip, Sam J, Brad, Hannah, Mike, Sky

@ 10am Group B (4+5) / DM5


@ 2pm / Baseroom / Group 3 

Dinesh, Tyler, Abdulhagh, Tom M, Kyle, Lilly, Lewis, Beckie R, Jack, Robin

@ 2.30pm / The Blue Room / Group 4

Douy, Tom S, Eleanor, Rebecca S, Zoe, Marion, Tom W, Ben, Luke

@ 2pm Group A (1+2) / DM5

Don't be late!

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