Friday, October 09, 2015

FAO CAA Yr 1: Apologies!

This is a message to our first years - an apology for another disrupted Friday.   The course team were under the impression that, following last week's difficulties with PCs and tablets etc., the situation had been resolved in readiness for today's session.  Alas, it wasn't so.  I just want to apologise personally.  It appears we are beset by gremlins beyond our own control.  IT Services are working hard to banish them from your computer suites.  Your course reps are Pip Harris and Beckie Ryan; your feedback is welcome on this issue, so if you're miffed and want someone to hear about it, let them know.

Anyway - apologies again.  We're pretty grumpy about it ourselves - but we're hoping next week will be much improved.  Thanks for being so understanding: Meg tells me the morning group battled on and worked like troopers to get something decent out of the session.  Well done - and to the others whose session was cancelled; rest assured, we'll catch you up.

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