Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FAO Everyone! UCA Photoshoot Needs You @ 3pm Tomorrow!

Dear all, the UCA Marketing Dept. are coming to the CAA Baseroom @ 3pm tomorrow (Thursday) to capture the busy hive of creative activity that is Computer Animation Arts! I know Year 1 and Year 2 are busy with timetabled stuff, but I'm hoping there might be windows of opportunity for some of you to be around.  It would be great too if the third years could base themselves in the baseroom for the afternoon - or at least be prepared to move rooms as the photographers see fit.  In short, what they want is to capture a course at work, as opposed to an empty red sofa!  Can I also ask you all to keep the baseroom and other computer suites nice and tidy in readiness for the photoshoot. So, don't be shy, be available, and help me ensure the world at large understands how hard you work on the lwr 4th!

If you could get the message out re. your social networks, I'd appreciate it - the more the merrier!

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