Monday, September 28, 2015

FAO Everyone: Rome Trip / Pay Your £350 @ The UCA Online Store Today!

Ladies and gentlemen - it's time to make your way to the UCA Online Store and pay your £350 for our February 2016 trip to the ancient city of Rome!  Deadline for payment is 20th October, but the sooner we've got the budget together, the sooner we can close the deal with the travel agency.  When you make your payment, I'll get an email notification of the purchase, so no need to confirm when you've done it.

Spread the word: Rome is go and the Shop is open for business!


  1. Do you know roughly what dates we'll be going? :)

  2. is there limited space again as well

  3. @ Kayliegh / Tues 9th - Sat 13th February
    @ Dan - 30 places, but maybe more depending on take up in CATF course...

  4. Paid! Hope to god there's space! T_T