Monday, September 21, 2015

FAO Everyone: 'One Is More' Briefing - Friday

This Friday, all years on Computer Animation Arts will be attending briefings in regard to the 'ONE Is More' project - a three-year long adventure in animation and classical music!

'ONE' is like a sequel to 'ACT';  our year 2 and 3 students will already be aware of our involvement in a previous three-year project, which saw our creative community collaborate with UK-based and European orchestras to produce some richly diverse outcomes.  For a re-cap of the ACT project, visit the ACT pages on the Computer Animation Arts' website.

La création du monde

Verdi's Requiem / Sculpture

Noye's Fludde - Cirque Jules Verne

In short, ONE (An Orchestra Network For Europe) represents further opportunities for the students, alumni and staff of Computer Animation Arts to participate in a series of highly creative and speculative projects, in which animation and the visualisation of music combine and cross-pollinate.  

On Friday, you'll meet Rose Bardonnet Lowry, executive director of ONE, who'll outline the creative territories of the new project and the ways in which the course community might get involved.

Year One @ 10am / CAA Baseroom
Year Two/Three @ 11:30am / CAA Baseroom.

Please be prompt - we're on a tight schedule.  Many thanks!

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