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FAO CAA Yr 3: Your Dissertation Tutorial Groups & Schedule

Hopefully you've already seen your provisional year 3 timetable here. For your reference, I'm likewise making your actual dissertation groups and weekly schedules available*, so you can get a bit more organised prior to the start of term. If you could ensure all your classmates have seen this information, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks.

*Apologies for weird formatting glitch - no idea what's causing that, but there's no significance to it, so worry not Will and Ant - you're not being singled out for harsher treatment! :)


  1. Phil! I'm not in any of the groups!!

    1. Aargh! You've obviously been deleted from the course and now face a life of banishment... or the class list I've been given is missing you and I'm on autopilot! Okay, folks - standby for a re-calibration - as Hannah is switched back on! :)

  2. Okay - Hannah, you're back :) See revised timetable above - and apologies for vanishing you.

  3. Thanks phil! I was starting to feel a little unwanted :)


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