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The Supplement: Tutorphil & The French House #8

This time around, it all got a bit repetitive in the empty salon of the old French house, as I tried to capture the perfect 'energy arc + impact' - the more successful attempts of which I include here (there are many, many more).  But something else got started too; clearly my French surroundings are influencing me, as things took a 'Van Gogh' turn at the eleventh hour!  In truth, I was just mucking about with the chair and table as both inspiration and interest began to wane, and it was only when I cropped them square did something begin to glimmer. There's something painterly getting started in those last two images, not least because the old stone walls in the background are so very textural, they begin to dissolve into a sort of pointillism.  Anyway, this may - or may not - be the beginning of a new direction in terms of tonight's adventures in 'scribbling with light'...  


  1. Why don't you shine the coloured lights on yourself, while moving within the shot, and get some ghostly looking stuff? Could be cool!

  2. ... because I'm trying to keep my self out of these images! (We all know what happened last time!) :)

  3. Wear your white lycra catsuit!


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