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The Supplement: Tutorphil & The French House #6

It's been a few evenings of hits, misses and frustrations - and in terms of the 'good stuff', it's been slim pickings, I'm afraid.  It's a combination of the different conditions working outside (very little bounce light, which what gives the interior images their atmosphere), and hare-brained schemes and ad-hoc gadgets not delivering on my expectations!

That said, some arresting results contained below.  If you're wondering how the 'plastic-tubing' effect was created in some of the later images, it was simply a matter of putting two LEDs side-by-side (in this instance a blue and yellow one), which together gave the illusion of light and shadow. My favourite image of this little lot is that one with the strange horizontal purple cloud thing; there's something very painterly about that composition (again, just embracing a bunch of happy accidents here), but also something decidedly menacing and inexplicable.  You might be interested to learn that image resulted from me having a bit of a tantrum with my length of elastic and just pinging it madly from side to side while I waited for the 30 second exposure to run its course.  I had no expectations of this image whatsoever, and yet it's the one to which I keep returning...