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The Supplement: Tutorphil & The French House #10

And so, on the last night of my time away at the old French house, I just had time to set-up a few lights in the 'bamboo tunnel' that runs behind the house - a particularly shadowy and spooky location. It did seem tonight as if the local wildlife was doing its level best to put the wind up me - what with the screeching of owls and gratuitous twig-breaking!  This was just a quickie after dinner and before packing my bags, so didn't get into too much.  Yes, a few more portals for good measure (plus leaf litter cross-hatching!) and some very arresting vertical things!  In response to ten nights of experimentation and playfulness, I'll be putting together a more curated selection of these photographs over the coming days when I've had some time to reflect on the hits and misses.   Until then, 'au revoir!'


  1. The soft purple-blue colour adds an overarching ethereal feel to these, while your delicate wheel of light in 1 makes me think of ghostly fireflies flitting manically around an unseen light source.

    2 & 3 are my favourites, they truly look like massive amounts of energy are streaming from beneath the earth, like a volcanic eruption of light.

    The camera position in 2 is great as it centers the lights and shows us not only where they're coming from, but where they're going too :)

  2. nice feedback, Danny - much appreciated :D

  3. truly remarkable Phil.. Incredible what can be achieved with a simple set of goals. Amazing to see them on mass.. quality


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