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The Supplement: TutorPhil & The French House #1

In contrast to previous excursions, I've gone digital this year, which means I can 'show and tell' as I go along.  This is a selection of images from my first night at the house in France.  I was just trying a few things out in the darkness of an empty room before I venture out tonight into the scurrying-black of the rural night...


  1. Digital!? The ultimate betrayal...

    1. I know, I feel terrible! Trouble is, the last time the photo lab killed loads of my 35mm film in some kind of chemical catastrophe, and it was all rather heart-breaking - not least, because the antics before the camera on those evenings had been so improbable and outlandish: I couldn't wait to see the results, but I never did :(

  2. I would say these look very beautiful! Would be even better if they were slightly animated


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