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Incoming! All-New CAA Yr 1 Blogs #1

Our newbies are gathering at the gates!  The first twelve of Computer Animation Arts' newest recruits are up and running - with many more to come!   You know what to do, ladies and gents - add them to your reading lists, and go and give them a very warm welcome!


  1. Don't wanna give me an ol' (dis)honourable mention? I'll be a first year too!

    1. Hey Tyler!!! I wasn't sure if your blog was the same or if you were going for something new? Send me your blog address and you'll be in the next batch of introductions :)

    2. Okay, then, here we are. I'll give it some polishings to make it nicer to look at later:

  2. Phil I will be retaking year 1 again but ill be using the same blog so i can learn from my mistakes. is that ok?


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