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FAO CAA Year 2 / 3 & Alumni / Mentors Required!

In a short matter of days, I'll be heralding the arrival of our new first years and their urls here on the CAA blog.  It won't be long before the CAA suites are awash with newbies who are unsure of what we want from them - and what we don't!

I know things get very busy for all of you, but I'm hoping I can find some volunteers who might agree to mentor the new first years intensively for the first five weeks of term - from the launch of their first brief to the red letter day of their first final crit. It's about getting them up-to-speed, trouble-shooting and taking good care of their highs and lows.  In short, it's about remembering how it was for you and being a force for good.  Let's see if we can speed up the trudge of all those learning curves and get our new recruits on message asap.  Your duties would encompass everything from steering students clear of ugly, cluttered blogs to advising them on the best way to create and present an 'Art Of'. 

I'm looking for about 15 mentors, so use your social networks to spread the word. If you're interested, drop me an email and we'll get the ball rolling. You should be interested because every reference I've written this Summer for current and graduated students has asked me to cite specific examples of when the candidate-in-question has demonstrated 'positive participation and good group dynamics'. Mentoring is always valued by employers looking for evidence that you're 'a people person'.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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