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CAA Summer Speed Paint Challenge 2015 - Begins Tomorrow @ 9am

It's July already.  New Designers is over for another year.  It can only mean one thing, ladies and gents - yes, it's time for the onset of this Summer's CAA Speed Paint Challenges!  I'm hoping for lots of take-up this time around - a flurry of quick, instinctive and fun activities on your blogs - to be shared, enjoyed, tweeted and PWTMosted at the end of the month!  

The first batch of themes are going under the subtitle 'The Paperback Challenge', and you'll be asked to 'design' book jackets for classic novels; all this really means is your resulting speed paintings need to be portrait, as opposed to landscape in terms of their canvas orientation (i.e. book cover shaped!). You can respond illustratively, graphically, symbolically - or indeed anyway at all.  The speed paints don't need to include the book title or author - but can do if you want.   (This might be a good chance to work on those typeface/graphic design skills too!) When you get your book title - and maybe you're not familiar with it - go find a quick plot synopsis to inform your response.  The Speed Paint Challenges will go live here on the group blog at 9am in the morning, which gives you 24 hours to get your speed paints completed and on your blog.

Take a look at all these diverse cover designs for William Golding's Lord Of The Flies in terms of inspiration!


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