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Saturday 6th June - UCA Open Day / 9:30 - 2:30pm

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Saturday 6th June) it's an Open Day at UCA.  I know a few of you are keen to make use of this day re. New Designers.*  The Open Day starts at 9:30am, but you'll be able to access the campus at 9am.  The Open Day finishes at 2:30pm, but I suspect the campus won't be shutting until 3pm at the earliest.  I'll be doing my course talks in Lecture Theatre 1 at 11am and 12pm respectively, though I might bring my visitors down to the base room if there's time.  In short, I suggest you get in nice and early and use the base room as freely as you would on any normal day.  See you tomorrow!

*I hope you saw my email re. the New Designers Screening Award deadline - they've pushed it back until 9am on Tuesday 9th.