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POST NUDE 2015 @ The Horsebridge 04/05/2015

POST NUDE is a biennial exhibition at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable. The premise is sweet and simple: nudes in all mediums with one format in common - the diminutive dimensions of the common or garden postcard. As part of their weekly life-drawing class, our year one students swapped A1 sheets of cartridge paper for the confines of pristine postcards and consigned to them the likeness of their life model model in pen, ink, charcoal, paint and pastel.  You can see all of their respective efforts here.

POST NUDE 2015 is on now at the Horsebridge, and I paid the exhibition a visit today to further celebrate our students' contribution.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by wall-to-wall nudes, and with so many styles represented, it's a smorgasbord of style, expressiveness and idiosyncrasy.  The show is on from May 4th to June 28th, so plan an art-themed trip to the seaside while you can - there's no shortage of 'saucy postcards'!


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