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Tombola Of Dreams 2015 - Final Week!

Tombola Of Dreams 2015 - Final Week!

You've only got one week left to purchase your tickets for the Tombola Of Dreams 2015.  The prize draw will take place on Friday May 1st @ 5pm in the CAA Baseroom.  Tickets are available from the Online Store until 4pm on Friday.  Your support is invaluable in terms of ensuring the Computer Animation Arts graduate show impresses all the right people!  If you're a final year student, it's time to throw your hat into the ring; if you're a year one or two student, remember, your time will soon come and it will be your stint at New Designers for which we're fund-raising!  Any student-raised funds not spent on the show are rolled over to the next year's fund, so you're already funding your futures!

You can purchase up to 3 tickets - go here to purchase yours now for your chance to win from this little lot!


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    1. yep! I'll be around with my ping pong balls and pen tomorrow :)

  2. Done and dusted :) I should be in on Wednesday and/or Thursday


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