Friday, April 24, 2015

FAO Year 2: Adaptation Submission Check list

Adaptation Part A Submission & Part B Final Crit
Thursday 30th April @ 10am in the Baseroon

Part B: Creative Pipelines

Please give a 10 Minute Project Presentation.

On your Blog & on DVD:

Making of Document
Final Work/ Film
Demo Reel Turnaround or Shot
PDF of your blog (on DVD only)
Any other work

Part A: Animated Infographic

Re-posted on your blog & on DVD
(making a note of any changes made)

FAQ: You can use one DVD for all your work.
 FAQ: Please make sure the above are in one blog post
FAQ: The Demo Reel and Final Film/ Work can be the same

Maya Tutorials & Film Reviews
Monday 11th May by 9am

In one post create links too:

All completed Maya tutorials
All completed Film Reviews

FAQs: The tutorials and reviews are...

Pipeline 2 
Dynamics 1
Lighting & Rendering 2

Mary & Max
Sita Sings the Blues
Waltz with Bashir
Belleville Rendezvous
When the Wind Blows
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit