Sunday, April 19, 2015

FAO CAA Yr 1: Tuesday Film Screening & A Gentle Reminder...

This is a reminder to all first years that your Tuesday film screenings @ 2pm continue as timetabled.  Last Tuesday's screening of The Wicker Man was attended by very few students - apparently due to some confusion in regard to the meaning of the 'TBC' on your published timetables.  It appears that some of you presumed the 'TBC' related to the existence of the film screening itself - as opposed to the specific film title being screened.   Just to be clear; while there is no expectation that you review these 'Term 3' films, I expect to see all students in attendance as per usual.  I, of course, appreciate that you're all busy trying to make some extraordinary films of your own, but a couple of hours away from your screens in the company of some masterful cinematic storytelling is good for you!

After our blog-based discussion, it looks as if Silence of the Lambs and 12 Monkeys are the choices for the next two Tuesday slots.  It's been a while since I've seen these movies, so it will be exciting to return to them on the big(ish) screen of Lecture Theatre 1!

I also want to take this opportunity to remind all year one students in regard to the assessment criteria as it appears on your Fantastic Voyage project - especially this one:

  • Technical and applied skills through management, communication and professionalism.

My ability to effectively assess your management, communication and professionalism begins and ends with your blogs.  Many of you are ensuring your blogs are updated daily, and in this way, your creating real excitement and anticipation around your animations.  That said, there are other students who are failing to meet this same expectation, and this reminder is for those year one students who are currently 'invisible' in terms of their progress.  

Just to restate: in terms of assessing your projects, the way in which you're making work - and reflecting on it - is as important as the final piece.   You need to think of your blog as a means of 'receipting' your workflow.  Your assessors need to be reassured that you're developing your work professionally; if you were working in a studio environment or with a client as a freelancer, you would be expected to be making your progress available on a daily basis.

Short version: to all those year one students who are currently failing to update their creative development via their blogs - in order to satisfy the assessment criteria as outlined above, you need to get your acts together with some urgency.  I do not want 'binge-blogging' in the final week of the project please, as this renders the process of feedback useless!  Sort it.

There is, of course, another important reason for updating your blogs regularly and likewise ensuring your online representation is as professional, dynamic and engaging as possible.  Take a look at the viewing statistics for the latest edition of the Post With The Most:

As of writing, the PWTM has been viewed nearly 6000 times from audiences all over the world! When I'm looking for work to share via the PWTM, I'm of course looking for quality, for what is exciting, explanatory and eye-catching.  I'm looking to link audiences to professional-looking blogs - to lively, up-to-date creative spaces.  If you're making decent work, but no one can see it, and I can't celebrate it, then you're shooting yourself in the proverbial foot!  Your blogs are much more than just a learning journal or 'course requirement'.  Your blog is a real-time opportunity to build a following amongst other creative professionals and thus broadcast your potential to the world.  If you're still labouring under the idea that your blog is somehow separate from what you've come to achieve here, I'm afraid you're missing a trick.   If you're not visible, and if you're not conducting yourself professionally, then you're 'invisible' and 'unprofessional' - and that seems pretty daft to me!

So, I look forward to getting you all together as a year group on Tuesday @ 2pm for Spielberg's celebrated science-fiction fantasia.

Please use your social networks to ensure all year one students have seen this information - much appreciated.

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