Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter 2015

Ah, the old 'bunny ears behind the head' trope - nope, it never gets old

Better late than never!  A selection of happy snaps from 'Easter 2015 @ The Golden Lion' 

Not sure what is happening to Adam in this photograph... It looks a) private and b) painful.  Perhaps we should have a caption competition? Suggestions as comments please...

What is it with people sitting out in pub gardens when it's clearly freezing cold?

Well, it wouldn't be right without at least one photograph of George...

"I can't wait to eat this folded napkin"

Scott gives us his 'Blue Steel'

Studying Computer Animation Arts is great fun... no really.

Introducing the always mysterious Sam Cannon...

Welcome to your job interview...

Wow, Charlie - your glasses are powerful!

Oh, here it is: the obligatory 'George vamps it up' shot. "Darlings!" 

I might actually be falling asleep in this shot - poor old fella.

It's behind you!


No, I thought you turned off the gas...

Anyone else think that Tom looks just like a young Martin Landau?

Caption competition #2

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