Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yr 3 CATF Student Needs After Effects Help!

A year 3 CATF student popped into see me a few days back - looking for a CAA collaborator...


I am searching for a computer animator to create a video to convey a science fiction themed health monitor. This would be a great collaborative project to add to your portfolio and you will be fully credited for your work. 

Project concept: I will be creating a set of health monitoring restraints that would be created as a movie prop within the science fiction genre. To briefly explain, these restraints are placed onto a human test subject, their duty is to control the patient and monitor their health (heart rate, blood pressure etc) during several tests involving harmful bacterium and viruses. 

Brief: In the center of these restraints there will be a 3.5 inch LCD monitor placed. I would like the monitor to play a video featuring moving graphics to help convey that the restraints are monitoring health. As this project is based within the science fiction genre I would not like a complete replication of health monitors seen in hospital, however an element of realism is needed. I am particularly interested in the style, appearance and movement of the graphics featured inside of Iron Man's helmet (can be viewed here):

Other than this aesthetic featured in the clip above you can apply your full creativity to this project. If you are interested and want to be involved in this project please contact me:

Many Thanks, Zippy"