Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FAO Year 2: Sculpting Classes and Revised Timetable

For the sculpting classes please purchase the list of items below (see image above) and please download the revised timetable for term 3 from MyUCA (shown below also).

Your shopping list (£15 - £20):

Image 1: 2 x Types of Pliers & 1x Wire Cutters
Where to buy: Wilkinsons or similar
Ways to save money: Share a set with a friend.

Image 2: Super Sculpey (firm)
Where to buy: Uni store's (Lower 4th) 
 Ways to save money: Uni store's is cheaper already.
Image 4: Sculpting Tools, Paint Brush, Sponge
 Where to buy: Uni art shop (reception)/ Sponges in Poundland
Ways to save money: Buy sculpting tools individually not a set.

Image 5: Marker & Tin Foil
 Where to buy: Uni Shop & Poundland
Ways to save money: Share with a friend.
Image 6: Dividers
Where to buy: Poundland
 Ways to save money: Share with a friend.

Image 7: Optional - Brass Tubing - max 1cm Diameter x min 15cm length
Where to buy: A Model Shop
 Ways to save money: Using an old large paint brush or pencil with metal rubber end.

Note: You will need to clean your hands regularly so please bring your own soap and paper towels if you wish.


1 x Standard Pliers
1 x Long Nose Pliers
1x Wire Cutters
1 x Super Sculpey (Firm)
2 x Sculpting Tools
1 x Paint Brush
1 x Small Sponge
1 x Marker Pen
1 x Roll of Tin Foil
1 x Dividers (Drawing Compass)
Optional: Brass Tubing or similar
Revised Timetable

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