Sunday, March 08, 2015

FAO CAA Yr 1 (and everyone else): Wednesday's Life Drawing / The PostNude 2015 Exhibition

Post Nude is an open exhibition at the Horsebridge, Whitstable based on a simple premise: an exhibition of nudes on postcards.  You're all invited to take part this year.  You can submit a maximum of five postcards each and all cards are for sale at the exhibition at a fixed price of £20, with £10 going to you, and £10 going to the Horsebridge charity.  You'll be using this Wednesday's life-drawing class to generate your artworks in response to your model, Callum.  We're providing the blank postcards and, once collected, we'll post your artworks to the Horsebridge too.  After last week's big, bold and wayward activities with sticks and scrubbing brushes, you'll be working small - on A6 cards!  You can work in any medium, but charcoal and pastel drawings will need to be fixed before the end of the session and the submission of your postcards.  Prior to submission you'l need to provide the following information on the back of your postcards:

Your full name.
Contact email

If your image is included in the exhibition, you'll be invited to a preview on Sunday May 3rd between  2pm - 4pm.

Use your social networks to spread the word.  Much appreciated.


  1. Wow, how exciting! Thank you :)

  2. yes, just one question. will anyone need a model ;)