Sunday, February 22, 2015

PH + PG + PC @ The Horsebridge 21/02/2015

I wanted to share the events of this weekend, which saw myself and two old friends exhibit together at the Horsebridge, Whitstable.  Many thanks to all those who popped down to support us.  It was a great show and very well-recieved.  What follows is a selection of 'before and after' shots cataloging the build-up, private view and exhibited work.  Special thanks to Tom Beg for snapping on our behalf. 

Phil Cooper (left) and Phill Hosking (right)


  1. Looks fantastic! Sorry we couldn't make it... :(

  2. Beautiful selection of work!
    I do apologize for not showing up .. : (

  3. Congrats Philx3. A very splendid show.

  4. Thanks all - it was a nice day/evening and a well-recieved show :)