Thursday, February 19, 2015

PH + PG + PC Exhibition / Private View @ 3pm Saturday, Horsebridge, Whitstable

Okay, so as some of you know, the 3 Phils are exhibiting currently at the Horsebridge, Whitstable. The private view is on Saturday and begins at 3pm.  The Horsebridge closes at 6pm.  We were thinking of moving on to the Duke of Cumberland pub after that for a drink.  I know a few of you are planning to join us on Saturday from Rochester (everyone is welcome!) but just a heads-up - there's a rail replacement service in operation between Gillingham and Sittingbourne - which means your journey will be a bit longer; Chatham > Gillingham (off train, onto bus) > Sittingbourne (off bus, onto train) > Whitstable. 

I suggest you come down a bit earlier, as opposed to later - and make the most of your day out beside the sea!  Come for some fish and chips on the beach.  But wrap up warm - it's not Barcelona!

Phil Gomm, August 2011

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