Saturday, February 28, 2015

FAO CAA Year 1 - Photoshop Class - Sketchbooks and Wacom Tablets Required!

Dearest first years! The second Photoshop class starts on Monday and there are a few things you need to know.

Ian Mcque Sketchbooks

Firstly, we will be working across the base room / blue room and library. So, you need to bring a sketchbook and pencils. You should all own sketchbooks by now, so it's time to start using them. The class will consist partly of sketching traditionally, and partly of digital work.

Please see below for you class start times. If you could share this via your social networks with all students, that would be perfect.

Bring your Wacom Tablets and a Sketchbook!

Group B - Baseroom at 10am - 1pm
Group A - Baseroom at 2pm - 5pm

P.S - Feel free to bring any books, videos etc that you feel would be of interest to the group.

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