Sunday, February 08, 2015

CAA Year 1: Revised Group A/B Lists For Barcelona Week

This is a message for the year one students not taking part in the Barcelona trip this week.  See below - your revised/reduced A & B groupings for Wednesday's life-drawing classes, and Friday's Meg/Simon rotations.  Don't think anyone is actually experiencing any change, but do make the most of the reduced numbers in terms of access to staff etc.  Your tutors are expecting full attendance from all students please.

In terms of Meg's Friday classes, Group A (formerly groups 1/2) should all be in the CAA base room at 10am.  Likewise, Group B (formerly groups 3/4) should all be in the CAA base room at 2pm. You'll be working on Flash alongside lightbox work, so please bring your graphics tablets etc. 

Jordan will be screening Duel (1971) in Lecture Theatre 1 @ 2pm on Tuesday as per your timetable.

Group A

Sankavy Balasingam 
Catriona Barber 
Mailin Berg 
Ryan Brand 
Adam Felstead 
Daniel Harrington
Lewis Maddison 
Abdulhagh Makwar 
Julia Mason
Group B

Anderson Moshi
Rebecca Patterson 
Thanawat Phrommet 
Sachin Rai
Dan Reason
Marion Villanueva 
Jamie Wathen 
Jacky Wootton 
Vlad Yankov 
Ridge Yeboah-Mensah

Monday's classes are unchanged.

Please use your social networks to spread the word.  Much appreciated.

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