Thursday, February 05, 2015

Barcelona 2015 : Your Room Allocations

It's taken a while, but I can now share with you the rooming allocations for Barcelona.  The hostel is booked out at capacity, so there's no wriggle room at all in terms of room sizes etc.  It is what it is.  The only wriggle room would be students swapping between the numbered rooms as outlined here - i.e. agreements between yourselves once you get there.  If your name isn't on this list, please let me know asap as it means something has gone awry (and that I can't count!).

Room 2
Zach Gray 
Oliver Misick 
Leigh Osborne 
Mark Stamp 
Max Ashby 
Jack White 
Josh Audsley-smith 
Brad King 
Bremner Welch 
Tumo Masilonyane
Julien Van Wallendael 

Room 3

Tom Boothby 
Samuel Cannon 
Danny Rollings 
Anthony Faulkner

Room 4

Shan Mason 
Akinbiyi Babarinde 
Alex Edmonds 
George Hind 
George Nwosisi 
Charles Serafini 

Room 5

Kym Mumford 
Megan Howett
Nadia Yadallee 
Rosalyn Fenton 
Ayunie Adiana Andi Djohar 
Megan Doyle

Room 6

Anita Gill 
Joey Ku 
Lydia Caplan 
Emily Clarkson 
Peta-Gaye Brown 
Samantha Niemczyk 

Room 8

Chloe Taylor
Jessica Ampleford 
Hannah Quinn
Joy Gadd 
Emma Howlett
Lisa Wyatt 
Gemma Titchmarsh 
Ella Pinnington 
Kayliegh Anderson 
Emma Morley
Chelsea Butler 

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