Monday, January 05, 2015

FAO Year 2: Character Design Critique & Presentation

Character Design Critique & Presentation

To dispel any confusion...


The outcome for the character design project was intentionally left open ended to allow everyone to personally develop their work - Each project is (to a greater or lesser degree) very different and therefore will have differing specific outcomes. This is also a deliberate step away from more 'list based' outcomes you may have experienced on a year one brief towards a more year three approach. I realise that this may appear somewhat open ended on the surface but hopefully during classes and tutorials with Justin you all identified a specific goal for your project and understand the depth of a character bible. 


The presentation goal is to put together a coherent public facing sales 'pitch' (in the form of a Kickstarter page or document) which illustrates the potential of your game, the characters, and the environments. In order to achieve this successfully it will take an element of research to find an appropriate method / layout to suit your type of project. However, in simple terms if you were going live on Kickstarter what would it look like? You can replicate this by making an interactive page (web/blog), or by creating a series of 'mocked up' web pages with additional full size images (A PDF document with enlarged images to see design details -Think of it as a context based (Kickstarter) pitch document/presentation) - Note: Use the Kickstarter format as a way to organise your project but make sure an audience can see it in detail. This may include creating a page with text and images (kickstarter) but following it up with larger versions of the images for audiences to see.

An example pitch: Click Here

Both Justin and I expect there to be different approaches and styles of presentations at the Crit too. Again this is to see what you all arrive at through research and personal judgement. 

If anyone has any specific questions regarding their pitch please email me at

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