Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FAO CAA Year 3: Best Of Luck For Dissertation Hand-In!

Just wanted to wish our third years the very best of luck as they prepare for the hand-in of their dissertations on Friday.  

We'll be thinking of you over the coming days as you make that last super-human effort to bring all your hard work together.  Remember, you need to submit 2 bound hard-copies and ensure you've uploaded another copy to Turnitin.  Hand-in is between 11am - 12 noon at the Campus Faculty Office.  Don't be late; it's very important you hand-in according to the deadline.  

As you begin to feel the pressure, remember the formatting basics; 1.5 or double-spaced pages, italicisation for quotes, film titles, and book titles etc.  If you're introducing a film for the first time, be sure to include the director and the release date.  Make sure all your quotations and illustrations are referenced accordingly.  Ensure your bibliography is in alphabetical order and fully representative of the breath and depth of your research.   Do a spellcheck.  Do a grammar check.  Be sure to paginate your dissertation (include page numbers).  Re-read your introductions and conclusions to ensure they relate fully to the discussion you've actually put forward; revise where necessary.  The same goes for your actual dissertation question; look at it again: does it still accurately introduce the argument you've made? If not, tweak it until it does!

Finally - make time to sit back and read your dissertation one last time; make a coffee and concentrate; don't let silly typos or twice-typed words or clunky modes of expression get in the way of your reader's experience of all your hard work.  By 1pm on Friday, it's done and dusted - so until then, stay sharp, stay frosty, and remember to save/back-up your file!

Best of luck for the final push! "Be Amazing!"

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