Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Siggraph 2014 Diaries - Vancouver : Saturday 16th August

Saturday was the day to say goodbye to Canada.

Figure 01. Keys back to the apartment 

Figure 02. Some artistic electrical street boxes

Figure 03. Some artistic electrical street boxes

Figure 04. Last group shot in Vancouver
A bunch of very tired people here

Figure 05. Logs from the train

Figure 06. Ernesta beartastic

Figure 07. The purpose of this seat positioning is????

Figure 08. Kym…. the tiredness is hitting hard

Figure 09. Ernesta's happy face

Figure 10. Kym and Ernesta are up there somewhere (Separated seating on this side of the journey)

Figure 11. Rotten Orange given to Ernesta for lunch…. no no Air Transat

Figure 12. Yogurt given to Ernesta for lunch - Almost a month out of date… This airline was outrageous! 
Name and shame AIR TRANSAT

Figure 13. Final Photo of the Siggraph Vancouver 2014 Diaries

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