Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Siggraph 2014 Diaries - Vancouver : Thursday 14th August

Thursday marked the end of our SIGGRAPH Volunteering…. it was dismantle day.

Figure 01. SVs gathering for the end of conference raffle

Figure 02. Kym decided to…. not sure what she was doing actually hahaha, some gymnastic move?

Figure 03. Raffle Time! Kym managed to gather the most goodies from the whole conference

Figure 04. After everything was over, Nat was invited to the Studio Team After Party and Kym & Ernesta went to another after party.

Figure 05. Nat bowling

Figure 06. The Studio Team celebrating this year's Chair, Courtney and the reins being handed over to 2015's chair, Reid.

Figure 07. The end of one party…. means the beginning of the next

Figure 08. Street Art

Figure 09. Ernesta met a REAL LIFE GHOST BUSTER!

Figure 10. We all met back up for the next party

Figure 11. View through a hole in the club door as we were leaving

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