Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Siggraph 2014 Diaries - Vancouver : Wednesday 13th August

Wednesday brought teapots, and Trolls in Boxes….

Figure 01. Pixar Teapot

Figure 02. Golden Teapot

Figure 03. After Kym saying how STARVING she was for lunch, we discovered that when the food actually arrived, the thought of purchasing a new graphics card with SIGGRAPH discount was more important hahaha

Figure 04. Kym, Nat

Figure 05. Laika Production Session about the Boxtrolls, given by the heads of departments for 'Puppets', 'CG' and 'Rapid Prototyping' (IT WAS AWESOME!)

Figure 06. Genuine Boxtroll Puppet

These real puppets from the new film 'The Boxtrolls' were on display for us all to look at and drool 'next to' not 'over' because they would have gotten a bit angry I'd think.

Figure 07. Genuine Boxtroll Puppet - Replacement Faces

Figure 08. Genuine Boxtroll Puppet

Figure 09. Genuine Boxtroll Puppet

Figure 10. Whilst everyone else was watching a 3D screener of 'How to Train your Dragon 2', Ernesta and I decided to wait for a 2D version and explored some more of Vancouver instead.

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