Monday, December 01, 2014

Siggraph 2014 Diaries - Vancouver : Monday 11th August


Monday was full of…..

Figure 01. Aidan Sarsfield, CG Supervisor at AnimalLogic

Figure 02. Ernesta having a great time spreading blueberries and cream around her pancake

Figure 03. Nat's Pancake with Genuine Canadian Maple syrup

Figure 04. A small glimpse of the 'Studio' area of Siggraph

Figure 05. The SV Wall of faces Board 01

Figure 06. The SV Wall of faces Board 02

Figure 07. Monday morning's view of the scenery from the conference centre's balcony

Figure 08. Sculpture, a water droplet next to the conference centre

Figure 09. Nat and Ernesta had the same thing for dinner. Wraps from a small Turkish place.

Figure 10. The view in the evening

Figure 11. Ticket for the Siggraph Networking Reception

Figure 12. Unfortunately Ernesta was working during the reception so we came to see her at the stand.
This particular stand was a demonstration of how small electronic pulses can trick your brain into thinking there is a push and pull force on these little rectangular chunks of metal. 

Figure 13. A Siggraph organised party in the 'Venue' nightclub.

Figure 14. (Left to right) Kym, Nat, Ernesta

Figure 15. Ives (A Team Leader) bringing the partying up a notch 

Figure 16. Ernesta, Fahad, Kym and Jeremy (Student Volunteer Chair) peering through the back

Figure 17. View from the balcony bar with the ACM SIGGRAPH graphics on the screen


  1. Hey Nat - thanks for publishing (at last!) - and how timely, what with Kym heading off for Siggraph Asia!

    1. That's what reminded me, hopefully she'll remember to take photos this time for the next set of diaries