Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Siggraph 2014 Diaries - Vancouver : Friday 15th August

As this would be our last full day and night in Canada, and the conference was now over, we decided to spend the time doing something a bit special….

Figure 01. Train tunnel (the trains have windows to see where you're going and where you've been)

Figure 02. Bus ride after the train

Figure 03. We couldn't believe it! Travel from Chatham in England, and the bus stop we needed to get off at was Chatham Street in Canada!

Figure 04. Ernesta & Nat on the boat

About 5 minutes into the trip, the boat kept trying to rev but wouldn't get any faster, and then turned back to shore.
Figure 05. The captain in the floor of the boat (removed a chunk of drift wood from the engine)

Figure 06. Ernesta didn't expect to see me taking her picture from outside of the boat

Figure 07. Nat & Ernesta

Figure 08. Wildlife - Just Chillin'

Figure 09. Wildlife - Just Chillin'

Figure 10. Whale from J-Pod

Figure 11. Whale from J-Pod

Figure 12. The Wake on the way back to shore

Figure 13. Ernesta & Ateen

Figure 14. Nat & Ernesta messing around with windy hair

Figure 15. Lunch! Locally recommended fish 'n' chips in the harbour

Figure 16. Floating fish 'n' chip restaurant

Figure 17. Nat

Figure 18. View from the harbour restaurant

Figure 19. Heading back to Vancouver Central, Ateen was a bit tired, unfortunately my battery died before I could snap Ernesta asleep on the bus too hahaha

Figure 20. Ernesta's Ernestly Coffee Wake-Up

As it was our last night, we decided to stay up for as long as possible and explore some more.
Kym was off doing some retail therapy somewhere else.

Figure 21. Pimp my bicycle

Figure 22. Hut on Stilts

Figure 23. The Dark tranquility of Vancouver

Figure 24. Moody looking clouds

Figure 25. No I hadn't been drinking, and no, my leg is not strangely broken
I was taking the following photograph

Figure 26. Ateen's profile on the pixel whale

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