Tuesday, December 16, 2014

F.A.O. First Years.......Maya Stocktake.

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Sorry to interrupt your Christmas break but it is nearing time for the Maya tutorial stocktake. So in preparation could you please make sure that all evidence of your completed tutorials is on your blogs and clearly marked/ tagged etc.

The deadline for these to be up is Friday the 19th of December.

In case you are unsure the following tutorials need to be completed:

1)      Intro to Autodesk Maya:
a         a  )      Modelling (NURBS and Polygon)
b         b  )      Character Part 1: Modelling
c          c )      Common Shaders
d          d )      UV Maps
e          e )      Character Part2: Texturing and Shaders
f          f )       Lights and Shadows
g         g )      Character Part3: Lighting and Rendering
2)      Modelling 1: Digital Sets
a          a)      Modelling
b          b)      UV Layout and Texturing Preparation
c          c)      Lighting
d          d)      Colour Maps
e          e)      Bump and Specular Maps
f          f)       Dirt Maps and Final Render
3)      Lighting and Rendering1: Intro to Lighting
a          a)      Exterior Lighting: Midday
b          b)      Exterior Lighting: Sunset
c          c)      Exterior Lighting: Romantic
d          d)      Exterior Lighting: Night
4)      Visual FX: Visual Effects 2
a         a)      Render Layers: Software

b         b)      Depth of Field
    Once you have completed your tutorials and posted them could you create a blog post titled Maya Winter Submission. Then could you list the completed tutorials with links to the relevant entries.
    Do not forget that the completion of these tutorials is part of your assessment criteria and more importantly provides the foundation for further development.

     Many thanks, and don't forget if you have any issues then contact either Phil, Alan or I, that way we can resolve them and keep you on track.


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